What is eneXplan?

eneXplan stands for energy expert planning. It is a complete enterprise energy saving software. eneXplan enables users to rapidly identify and quantify all potential energy saving measures in any type of building, anywhere in the world.

eneXplan also comes with all the tools, features, and reports needed in order to manage energy consumption and improve the efficiency of a portfolio of buildings.

How eneXplan Works

eneXplan uses a simple process that enables you to rapidly and intuitively create a complete model of any type of building. Once completed, you can use the built-in library of energy saving opportunities to run simulations and calculate how much energy saving could be achieved by each measure.

Create Building Model

eneXplan enables you to rapidly create any building model and provides you the tools to validate it

Run Simulations

Use the built-in library of energy saving opportunities to rapidly run simulations and see how much energy, money and even carbon footprint you could reduce

Implement and Track

Once you select the best energy saving measure, you can implement them and track your progress. eneXplan even helps you benchmark your buildings

What Does eneXplan Bring to Companies and Consultants?

  • Rapid identification of all potential energy saving measures eneXplan enables companies and consultants to speed up the search for energy savings
  • Cost reduction. eneXplan will help you with all your energy management tasks, and it does it at a lower cost than any other solution available.
  • Increased precision. Each building model is geo-positioned for any location in the world. eneXplan provides the tools to do a high precision models which greatly improves energy saving estimations.
  • Better decision making. Using numerous tools such as lifecycle cost analysis, eneXplan can help you decide on what to do and what to use. eneXplan provides you with a complete picture of your buildings and their potential, without bias.
  • Validate, Track, Benchmark. eneXplan enables companies to manage energy reductions for an entire portfolio of buildings, from validation of saving measures, to progress tracking and building comparison
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Reduce Energy Consumption Today

Adapt eneXplan to Your Needs

eneXplan is a complete energy saving software providing you the best saving identification and management platform. It will help you improve the energy efficiency in all your buildings, regardless of their type or location.

Cloud Based

Nothing to install.
Simply use any internet browser and start working.


Simply purchase additional credits to create and manage more buildings when needed.


Run simulations to identify and quantify every potential energy saving in your buildings


eneXplan will work with any type of building possible, anywhere in the world.


From building creation to simulations, eneXplan makes the entire process a rapid one compared to anything else available.

Easy to Use

eneXplan learning curve is relatively short, leaving you more time to manage your energy


Intuitive reporting lets you see the complete picture of your buildings, from status to trending


Everything you need to identify and manage energy savings. From tracking to reporting, benchmarking to decision making

Everything You Neeed To Manage Your Energy

eneXplan comes loaded with all the tools and features needed to identify, estimate and implement energy saving measures in any type of building. We also included all the tools to manage your entire portfolio of buildings, anywhere in the world.


While each building is different, using eneXplan you can normally expect to find energy saving measures that represent anywhere from 10% to 55% of your building’s total energy cost. From our experience, the majority of users find savings being between 25% and 35%


Select the number of Credits you need. Each credit enables you to create 50,000 sq-ft of building for one year

Number of Credits

Please use the slider to select the number of credits

Please use the slider to select the number of credits

Still using spreadsheets for managing your energy savings?

Companies using numerous spreadsheets to identify savings and manage their energy across numerous buildings will appreciate the many advantages of eneXplan.

Speed up the building audit process

eneXplan takes only a fraction of the time normally required by other tools to conduct a detailed audit and show you exactly how your energy is being used



Reduce costs

Performing energy analysis can consume lots of time, which translates into substantial cost. eneXplan will help you reduce your costs of finding and estimating energy saving opportunities in your buildings


Identify all potential energy savings

eneXplan comes with a library of energy saving opprtunities which you can use to generate simulations and calculate precisely how much you could save



Manage all your energy

No other software or spreadsheet includes all the capabilities of managing energy for an entire portfolio of buildings. From benchmarking and tracking progress to evaluating vendors, eneXplan includes everything you really need


A neutral process of energy saving identification

eneXplan assists you in identifying and estimating savings in a 100% neutral way



Justify your energy saving initiatives

eneXplan brings you all the tools needed to properly justify changes in energy costs. Cold winter or warm weather took a portion of the estimated savings? eneXplan will show you the real weather impact on costs


Frequently Asked Questions

Does eneXplan come with training and support?
eneXplan includes all training needed to be fully operational. Training is included free of charge, so is unlimited support.
Do I need to install any software?
No, the software requires nothing more than an internet browser to operate, so no need to install anything on your computer.
What do I need to use the software?
You will need an internet browser with a recent version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Apple Safari and a computer or virtually any mobile device. While the modules work on portable devices, users may find it easier to operate with a computer simply because of the graphics and reports that it can produce. However, you can easily work from tablets with adequate screen sizes.
How many people can use one licence?
Each account comes with the possibility of adding an unlimited number of users. We only limit the maximum storage space per license to 10 GB in order to prevent abuse from companies using the storage as a backup for other non-related data. The 10 GB allocation per account is usually more than enough for even large companies or organizations.
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